This Fundraiser Is VERY Special !


This time we have an amazing treat for our supporters around the Osa Peninsula – and the world! We are offering INCREDIBLE REWARDS to be won through our Generosity Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign for 2016 !!


The reward system works as follows: You donate and claim a reward at the same time! Most of our rewards are only available once, so once it is claimed it is not available to be claimed anymore. This means it’s on “first come-first serve” basis. Once you’ve claimed a reward, WE will contact you and confirm your reward, and put you in touch with the hotel or activity. Then you can make a reservation with the hotel/ activity directly (All rewards are subject to availability and season dependent – please read every reward description carefully!).
All the rewards to be won are subject to availability, and include hotel stays, activities, and restaurant dinners exclusively around the Osa Peninsula .. one of the hidden GEMS of Costa Rica!!


Corcovado National Park offers an incredible 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity .. and is a nature and animal lovers paradise. The Osa Peninsula offers amazing beaches and jungle, surfing, sport fishing, dolphins and whales, waterfalls, and beautiful views everywhere.

Unfortunately the Osa Peninsula is also struggling with a higher than average (for Costa Rica) amount of stray and sick animals. Osa Peninsula Rescue and Adoptions is trying to change that for good with spaying and neutering clinics, taking stray animals off the street and making the healthy and finding them new homes!


Donating to this fundraiser means you’re helping to PREVENT stray and sick animals on the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica!


Osa Peninsula Rescue and Adoptions – Who we are


Osa Peninsula Rescue & Adoptions, is a project initiated by Green Life Volunteers, a non-profit volunteer organization in Costa Rica (Cedula Juridica – 3-2-700064). Our goal is to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Not only do we rescue stray animals around the Peninsula, we also help the community with reduced costs for spaying/ neutering, and help poor families with spaying and neutering and food if they cannot afford to pay due to their economic situation.


The project is entirely funded by donations, and the money goes 100% to help the animals.


What we do

We identify, rescue, and provide medical attention and food to stray dogs and cats. We have the animals deparasited, neutered/spayed, and they receive the necessary medical attention to be healthy. We place them in a foster homes until they find new homes. We also promote neutering and spaying pets among the local population.


We need your help!

With as little as 20 US Dollars we can have an animal spayed and neutered, preventing more kittens and puppies being born on the street. With around 100 US Dollars we can rescue and cure a sick animal with heartworm, erlichiosis, mange, fungal infections, and other common diseases on the Osa Peninsula.


Donations are also constantly needed


At the moment we’re hoping to conduct more castration clinics throughout the Osa Peninsula. Each castration clinic day we can spay and neuter up to 40 animals. We try to have castration clinics in very remote rural towns, where people don’t have access to vet services. A castration clinic can cost us up to 500$. People in Costa Rica cannot afford to pay for castrations, nor food sometimes, so we help with offering the spay or neuter at a more affordable cost for them.


We are very happy to announce that we have also successfully adopted out many dogs and cats, and continue to do so. We also sent many dogs to the USA for them to find a good forever home. We hope to continue sending dogs to the US, but each animal needs funding and sponsoring in order to do so.


Each rescue animal needs an initial check-up at the vet and often intense treatment for common diseases here in Costa Rica (Erlichiosis, Heartworm, Parvo Virus, Anemia, and others).

Each rescue animal can cost us around $100- $200 depending on the severity of their state.


Other items that are constantly needed are:

– dog and cat food
– kennels, crates
– collars, leashes
– anti-flea shampoos & other care products
– vaccinations
– meds
– transportation


If you want to donate any of these items, get in touch with us- .


We also need help in the form of VOLUNTEERS. If you know anyone or would like to help out yourself, please consider helping out on our Dog Rescue Project and have an experience of a lifetime.
For more information, check out and

Thanks for your help! Woooofff & Meaaawww !

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