Watch our video above to get more info on what it’s like to volunteer with us.

If you’d like to walk dogs, wash dogs, help out at spaying/neutering clinics, or just spend some time with our animals – you can come and help out!

We always welcome volunteers – short or long term!!

GLV_LOGO_NEW2-2014As a long term volunteer, meaning you’d like to volunteer for several weeks and live in Puerto Jimenez, contact Green Life Volunteers to set up your stay 🙂

The Animal Rescue Project in Puerto Jimenez is a project created by Green Life Volunteers. 

For longer term volunteers we have always a lot of work to do:

– help run the daily operations: walking, washing, vet visits 🙂

– work on fundraising campaigns

– create fundraising material / come up with new fundraising ideas

– help with administration/ organization of animal rescue

– help find homes for animals

– (social)  media work and website updates

For shorter term volunteers, we welcome tourists just staying near by and wanting to ‘check out the dogs’ and help us with the daily running of the rescue, walking, washing, feeding, vet visit, spay/neuter clinic.. whatever is happening that particular day.

To do short term volunteering contact us!!

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